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Here are some of the factual aspects that make vehicle advertising such an attractive option for your marketing strategy.

We use the best Avery and 3M products available in the industry. Each component is backed with an impressive proven warrantee. Vinyls have 5 – 6yr manufacturer warrantees and our solvent inks have a range of 5 – 7yr life depending on the user’s parking conditions. These ranges are also often increased due to prime weather conditions. We also use a UV overlaminate that acts as a protective film against many abrasive cleaning applications and protects the print from minor scratches and regular wear-and-tear.

One of the many benefits that makes vehicle advertising so attractive is the actual cost involved to produce a wrap. With partial wraps and complete wraps, TopWraps has something for every business’ budget. Vehicle advertising is by far the most cost effective way of exterior advertising.

According to the Transportation Advertising Council, vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 – 70,000 daily vehicular impressions.

Paint protection
Vehicle wraps protect paintwork against sun damage, minor abrasions and small stone chips. The vinyl can also be removed after the promotion, or vehicle turnover, leaving the original paintwork in the same condition it was before it was covered.

Unlike traditional forms of outdoor advertising, vehicle advertising goes to where the people are. LocalWraps vehicle wraps demand attention and gets the message to the highest visibility areas and most densely trafficked areas of cities, towns, parkades, shopping malls, restaurants, highways and byways.

A recent poll shows that:

90% of travelers notice graphics on wrapped vehicles
75% of consumers form impressions about a company based on the fleet graphics
30% of consumers base buying decisions on impressions they receive from company vehicles.
The numbers equate that we are a very visual society, driven by effective advertising and marketing. Vehicle advertising caters to all levels of business and projects the message like no other form of advertising can.